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Ari Urban is a classically trained violinist who creates heart centered soulful music through her experience as an empath.

As an emerging solo artist, Ari has been co-writing sacred music with recording artist and producer, Preston Klik for the past three years.

You can find their music here.

Ari has a rich history of sharing the stage with world-renowned artists including Yo-Yo Ma, Ben Folds, Jacob Collier, Tank and the Bangas, Kimbra, Joshua Bell, Michael Buble, Bobby McFerrin, Yoshiki, Kanye West, Angelique Kidjo, Josh Groban, PJ Morton, Richard Bona, Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling, Johnny Mathis, Father John Misty, Andrea Bocelli, Gloria Estefan, George Benson, and also performed at the Latin Grammys in 2020.  

Passionate about using music to support emotional resiliency, Ari was a 2020 winner of the Knight Foundation "New Work" grant for her project "The Art of Being Human"; a new type of concert experience focused on fostering interpersonal intimacy through emotionally activating music, guided meditation, and audience participation.  ​  

As a co-founder of musicfreemyheart, Ari is bringing medicine music to those who are seeking emotional resiliency and inner peace through a supportive community. Learn more and subscribe at musicfreemyheart.com.

​As a studio musician Ari has played on multiple Grammy Winning and Nominated albums with John Legend, PJ Morton, Ledisi, Chronixx, and Jessie J.

Ari holds two Grammy certificates.


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"I am an avid believer in Ari's music. I've experienced over 6 'Art of Being Human' sessions over the past year, and each one creates new pathways for me to experience myself. Each session brings further and further clarity and access to places within me that I didn't know were accessible. Her music has a way of holding you in a delicate embrace that facilitates your inner experiences. I've met my inner child, my shadow, and my physical body while listening to her music and guided meditation. The most profound part is, now I know how to access those parts of myself at any moment. Ari created a space that taught me life lasting lessons. I am eternally grateful for her spirit and her music."



Ari's not just excellent technically (which she is), she always seems to tap into a higher plane, a mystical space beyond technique, a sacred zone we call Music. There's something deep she has access to, something universal, and it often shows up as profoundly moving music. Soul music.
Her melodic ideas are pregnant with possibility, they exude beauty and grace. They make my day, and sometimes make me cry with their beauty.

I was taken aback as Ari's soul showed up in musical form. I'm not just saying that, I mean it. Her heart hung in the air, vibrating as  sonic intoxication. I (literally) wept at the beauty of the moment.


Your Spirit lifts up so many, your music keeps us elevated to reach our greatest potential in contributing to a loving humanity.


You and the Violin are one. Your music goes straight to the heart and soul. A woman of great spirituality, Light and brightness, which comes through your soul to create special and unique music with the violin.


Your new work 'Luminous Prayer' is stunningly beautiful. So needed in this chaotic time fraught with fear. Your lovely music is the perfect antidote.

Gary Fry



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All photography by Brooke D'Avanzo.