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If a classical violin concert and sound healing session had a baby... this would be it.


Combining guided meditation to ease the mind,

live string music  to soothe the nervous system, and

sound bowls to vibrationally balance every cell of the body.

Specifically designed to assist clients in leveling up mentally,

emotionally, and energetically...

Ari offers both virtual and in-person sessions for Private Clients,

Groups, Yoga Studios, Wellness Centers, and Companies.

"I use breath work, guided meditation and live original music to create a sacred space for my listeners to drop in, let go, and come back to their center. A unique and intuitively composed live sound healing session, recorded for you to have forever."

If you're looking to: 

*Improve immune health*

*Release pent up emotions*

*Restore energy and vitality*

*Rebalance every cell in the body*

*Experience deeper breathing and better sleep*

*Release dopamine and serotonin (our feel-good hormones)*

If you're desiring:

*A deeply relaxing and cell-rejuvenating music healing session*

*To explore shadow work together*

*T0 reconnect to your inner child with the music as your guide*

*To be transported to other worlds/realms*

*To regulate your nervous system*

*A vibrational massage to improve overall health, energy, and mood"

Then this is for you. 

In case you didn't know...

The human body is made up of over 30 trillion cells that are constantly vibrating at different frequencies.

Every disease is primarily a low or discordant vibration of the cell of a specific organ.

Sound inherently balances any cells that are "out of sync" that could lead to *Dis - Ease*.


Sound Healing:

*Supports your immune system*

*Balances your emotions*

*Rejuvenates the body on a cellular level*

*Relaxes the body and mind*

*Helps stabilize the heart rate and blood pressure*

*Stimulates the immune system and the endocrine system*

*Lessens anxiety, stress and depression*


Reclaim your vitality with a 1 hour custom healing ceremony using Violin, Viola, Crystal bowl, and Tibetan bowl.


Please email me directly to schedule your session with preferred date and time.

Others say it best...


"I am an avid believer in Ari's music. I've experienced over 6 'Art of Being Human' sessions over the past year, and each one creates new pathways for me to experience myself.


Each session brings further and further clarity and access to places within me that I didn't know were accessible.


Her music has a way of holding you in a delicate embrace that facilitates your inner experiences. I've met my inner child, my shadow, and my physical body while listening to her music and guided meditation.


The most profound part is, now I know how to access those parts of myself at any moment.

Ari created a space that taught me life lasting lessons.

I am eternally grateful for her spirit and her music."

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